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Bello Haven I-Tip and Narrow Edge Weft Hair Extensions are 100% Remy Hair.


One of my most important goals was to produce 100% luxury human hair extensions that create full volume and illuminate the use of heat chemicals and glue.


Bello Haven Extensions offer...

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After Care

Now that you have that beautiful, long, thick hair you have always wanted,

there are a few things important things to note. Follow the bellow guidelines will ensure you get the maximum usage from your extensions.


- Your new hair will last...

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Cleaning Maintenance

-Wash and Condition your hair extensions with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the Kevin Murphy Repair shampoo

and Kevin Murphy Repair conditioner because it is gentle and effective

when it comes to washing your extensions as well as your real...

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Brushing & Sleeping

The extensions are attached to your natural hair and therefore pulling them

can result in pulling out your natural hair.


-The best way to brush is to start at the bottom

and then work your way up slowly to the top.


-Make sure you...

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Do not

-Color the Extensions

-Sleep with wet hair

-Submerge hair in salt or chlorine water

-Go over 6 to 8 week maintenance.


We are proud of the high quality hair extensions that we offer.

We are not responsible for any hair purchase from us that


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Most in-stock items should arrive on your doorstep

or in your mailbox within 4-7 business days

after we receive your order.


You will receive an email with your tracking information

as soon as your order has been shipped.​


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All sales are final. The following terms and conditions apply to all exchanges:


Provided that the product has not been opened, and the packaging has not been altered, damaged, or otherwise affected as determined by the Company, the Company will allow...

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