Soft Glam Lashes by Glam Gall

Soft Glam Lashes by Glam Gall


Introducing for the very first time Bello Haven lashes by Glam Gall. These 3D luxury false lashes are 100% mink, have a thicker band to increase longevity, can be worn up to 27 times with care. Created by our very own, INCREDIBLE Bello Haven makeup artist Mariah Gallegos. Pick your SOFT GLAM lashes up online or at the salon today! 


Check out the very first Bello Haven lashes by Glam Gall video tutorial HERE!


    All sales are final. No Returns and No Refunds. All Bello Haven Hair Extensions come sealed with a security void label. Once opened, the hair cannot be returned or exchanged for any reason. We are proud of the high quality hair extensions that we offer. We are not responsible for any hair purchase from us that has been damaged by additional processes such as coloring or perming that was not done by our professional stylist. If you want to contact someone about it please email: 


Quality Speaks Volume™

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