Our Methods

Bello Haven Hair Extensions
Bello Haven offers two types of seamless hair extension methods. We offer our traditional hand tied method we then offer our new NO-SHOW method.
No Show -
Our customized no show methods allows you to wear hair extensions with no damage to you hair along with the extensions not showing. No show uses a small aluminum bead that has a soft silicone lining the inside of the bead which allows the hair to be protected from damage. The beads are hidden between equal amounts of wefts to complete the method of being NO-SHOW, with our customized wefts the top are a soft keratin, so the hair is only being exposed to a soft keratin a gentle silicone bead and string. With our method of No show, it is great for any hair type, the method used two simple thing, a bead and our Bello Haven string, no heat no glue and no chemicals for our method.The smaller beads are filled with enough hair so where the wefts are attached the natural hair can support the extensions. No show method is customized to every client individually to be able to give them exactly what they want along with what is best for their hair. With our customized wefts you are able to make the rows as thick with wefts or as thin. The beads are clamped down to attache them to the hair with small hand held pliers, allowing stylist to be able to reopen and close without causing any damage to the hair, once the beads and hair are placed on the scalp the stylist with stitch with a C curve needle and our nylon string to attache the wefts to the section of hair that is captured in the bead to sew it all completely together to create the seamless no-show method.
Traditional Hand tied -
Hand tied extensions are a method in our line using soft silicone beads and nylon string. This method is sewn into the hair using a c curve needle, sewing the wefts into the beads that have been clamped down with the correct amount of captured hair, the beads are underneath the weft. These extensions are very great for all hair types, the bead is just exposed with your wefts lying on top.

Both methods use a placement which can be altered and changed to each head depending of hair type along with how they part and style. These methods using beads that travel around the head are great because the tensions is constant so that the hair is never being over directed or plucked causing breakage or damage.