Following the below guidelines will help to ensure that you get the maximum usage of your extensions.

Your new hair will last between 6-12 months. The exact time will depend on you and how you care for your extensions. It is very important to use proper products. We recommend professional hair care products and Bello Haven Serum. Do not use drug store hair care products. Do not use sunscreen. They may be exposed to minimal chlorinated and salt water. Regular maintenance appointments every 6-8 weeks will keep the integrity of your natural hair. Be prepared to spend an 30-45 extra minutes of styling time. They take more time and effort and will need to be looked after correctly to prolong the life of your new hair. But we promise it is worth the extra time and effort.

Because Bello Haven Hair Extensions are real human hair with the cuticle still intact, and because of the gentle color processing involved to treat them, the hair can fade like natural hair without proper after care.

Hair extensions will not be eligible for a refund/exchange due to fading, sunscreen, or harsh water damage.


Wash and condition your hair extensions as directed by your stylist with a moisturizing shampoo or conditioner. Let the conditioner sit and soak into the extensions before rinsing. To lock in moisture and ensure your hair extensions are truly nourished, apply a leave-in conditioner after every time you wash it.

Keep hair protected from heated tools by using a heat protectant. Spray on both dry and wet hair extensions. Additionally, make sure to apply the Bello Haven Serum morning and night to restore shine and softness. Gently comb through wet hair focusing on mid lengths down to the ends.

Use the Bello Haven wet brush for wet hair and the Bello Haven dry brush for everyday use.

The extensions are attached to your natural hair, so pulling them can result in pulling out your natural hair. Start by brushing your hair from the bottom, and then work your way up slowly to the top. Use the Bello Haven dry brush at the top of the weft then brush down to avoid matting in the weft. Please make sure you are using the professional Bello Haven brushes to avoid breakage and damage to your hair. The Bello Haven brushes have been designed for all types of hair extensions.

Never go to sleep with wet hair and always make sure your extensions are completely dry to avoid tangling. For sleeping, loosely braid your hair extensions. This also helps to avoid tangling and prevents the cuticles from rubbing together.