The Bello Haven Wet Brush

The Bello Haven Wet Brush

$25.00 25.00


Our brand new Bello Haven Wet Brush detangles and straightens dry hair, leaving locks smooth, healthy-looking, and detangled.


All sales are final. The following terms and conditions apply to all exchanges:

Provided that the product has not been opened, and the packaging has not been altered, damaged, or otherwise affected as determined by the Company, the Company will allow for the exchange of unopened products for other products of the same or greater value. For greater value products, clients will be responsible to pay the difference. The Bello Haven Salon will not allow exchanges for lesser value products if such, needed an amount refunded. As determined by the Company, providing such exchange, must be made within 14 business days after the initial order. All Bello Haven Hair Extensions' products come sealed with a security void label. Once opened, the brush cannot be exchanged for any reason.